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4. Römerbergwerk Meurin (Meurin Roman Mine)

4. Römerbergwerk Meurin (Meurin Roman Mine)

  • Maurin Roman Mine
  • Maurin Roman Mine

The Römerbergwerk Meurin near Kretz is part of the largest Roman tuff stone mining area north of the Alps. It is one of the archaeological highlights of the Vulkanpark. The futuristic hall with its cantilevered roof now protects what remains of the mine, and also the archaeological excavations which have been opened up.

Here, everything revolves around the valuable tuff, which formed as a result of the violent eruption of the Laacher See (Lake Laach) Volcano, and the life and work of the ancient Romans who mined that valuable stone. Visitors to the Römerbergwerk Meurin are transported 1,700 years back in time to when Roman miners laboriously mined heavy blocks of tuff in underground chambers. Narrow mine galleries, poor lighting and dusty air characterised the everyday life of the mine workers.

Go into the dark shafts and dusty chambers, and embark on a journey through the ancient underground workplace. Large illuminated images and an exciting film shown in the 'Mine Gallery Cinema' strikingly portray the hard and dangerous work underground.

The blocks of stone were quarried underground and then processed above ground. This is where forging, cooking, sawing and grinding went on as well. You can find out about these aspects of the everyday life of Roman mine workers in the outdoor area of the Römerbergwerk Meurin. A Roman masonry saw, made to a Byzantine model, masons’ huts, Roman mills, a lathe for turning pillars, and an equipped kitchen bring the (ancient) workplace to life again.


The Römerbergwerk Meurin has twice been awarded one of the most prestigious European culture prizes for its unique design and presentation: the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award.

You need to plan about one to one-and-a-half hours for your visit to the Römerbergwerk Meurin.


Römerbergwerk Meurin
Nickenicher Straße
56630 Kretz
Tel: +49 (0)2632 987 50

What you need to know when planning your visit:

  • The Römerbergwerk Meurin is only partially wheelchair-accessible.
  • Audio guides are available in German and English.
  • There is a car park about 350 metres from the mine.
  • The Römerbergwerk Meurin is closed during the winter (from the beginning of November until the middle of March).



4. Römerbergwerk Meurin (Meurin Roman Mine)