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5. Infozentrum Rauschermühle (Visitor Centre Rauschermühle)

5. Infozentrum Rauschermühle (Visitor Centre Rauschermühle)

  • Infozentrum Rauschermühle (Visitor Centre Rauschermühle)
  • Infozentrum Rauschermühle (Visitor Centre Rauschermühle)

The Infozentrum Rauschermühle, which lies between the villages of Plaidt and Saffig, is your first port of call not only for planning your journey, but also for finding out the key facts about volcanic activity and 7,000 years of rock extraction in the area. The Infozentrum Rauschermühle uses modern technology to present science-based information – everything you need to know for the perfect start to your journey through the world of volcanoes in the area.

In the beginning there was fire: The exciting story of the fiery origins of the East Eifel is brought to life by large illuminated images and spectacular film material. Genuine rock samples, among others a basalt bomb, present the whole range of volcanic rocks. 

In the 'Archaeology & History of Technology' exhibition visitors can - quite literally - delve deeply into the history of the mining and quarrying of basalt and tuff. A 3D image enables you to see into the galleries of the mine. From Roman times through the Middle Ages and into the Modern Era - it is all about the valuable volcanic raw materials. Illuminated images and millstones invite you to join in the work, while an old Roman is lying asleep nearby.
In the experiential rock garden directly behind the Infozentrum Rauschermühle you can experience volcanic rocks with all your senses.  Listen inside a humming stone, feel how incredibly heavy a basalt bomb is, and use a big stone xylophone to make music.

You need to plan around one-and-a-half to two hours for your visit to the Infozentrum Rauschermühle.


Vulkanpark Infozentrum
Rauschermühle 6
56637 Plaidt
Tel: +49 (0)2632 987 50 

What you need to know when planning your visit:

  • The Infozentrum Rauschermühle is wheelchair-accessible.
  • Audio guides are available in German and English.
  • There is a car park about 100 metres from the Infozentrum Rauschermühle.



5. Infozentrum Rauschermühle (Visitor Centre Rauschermühle)