Dreis Pond

Sparkling greetings from inside the Earth! There are big bangs when water and magma meet.

When water comes into contact with hot magma, it turns explosively into steam and blows out a big funnel-shaped hole in the surface of the Earth. This explains how the Dreiser Weiher, one of the largest maar basins in the Volcanic Eifel, was formed. It is this volcanic past which is the source of something which appears on our tables at mealtimes - we cannot imagine life without it: mineral water. After falling to Earth as precipitation, water seeps down through cracks, porous volcanic rocks and the older layers of the underlying massif. While doing so, it becomes enriched with minerals and is filtered very thoroughly. Somewhere deep in the Earth, the water then meets something moving upward: carbon dioxide.

Anyone who thinks it is quiet and peaceful inside the Earth is very much mistaken. Hot magma is constantly in motion and sends greetings up to the surface by releasing a lot of gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2). When water and CO2 mix, something is formed which we drink almost every day: sparkling mineral water.


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